Dynamic load templates and data in a single template

Hi All , I have few questions about ember.js regarding to my application, can you please help me ?

I am working on a application in ember.js . I have an few questions to all of you guys. First lets discuss about my application points and then what problem I am facing in. Application is about something like a drawing a plans like a "auto cad ". For this purpose I am using d3.js library

For a drawing purpose we have different sections like Fire, Water, etc…Satelite All of this sections have different svg container for drawing.

After this things I have one module for email this sections to a particular email id in three ways

3.1 Current Section wise email (Means if we drawing in a fire section then If we send email then svg of fire section will send as a form of pdf) (Done)

3.2 At a time all the sections svg content in PDF. (Here my actual problem starts)

In this point all sections email I am getting problem in retrieve all section svg’s at a time. Because the current section is already loaded in a view, template with data , But how can I get all the sections template with its drawing data (svg element’s).