Dynamic Styles Dependencies



I’m new to ember-cli, after just moving from lineman.js. I’m using Sass and need to @import a file from the ‘vendor’ (or bower-component)… sounds pretty basic, but I find it hard customizing ember-cli… don’t know where to start…

Anyway in the Ember-Cli guide it says:

The vendor trees that are provided upon instantiation are available to your dynamic style files. Take the following example (in app/styles/app.scss): @import "bower_components/foundation/scss/normalize.scss";

But this doesn’t seem to be working… Did anyone try this? Any ideas on how to make it work?


Edit: I see now this is because I was using ember-cli-compass-compiler addon and not broccoli-sass… when using broccoli-sass without compass it works. Still don’t know how to solve this though - using compass and importing files from vendor/bower directory


When you’re using the compass compiler are you also making sure that you change style.scss to be app-name.scss?

Like if my apps name is discuss then I need to change my style.scss to discuss.scss. Not sure if you knew that or have tried, I use compass compiler in my app I’m working on and imports work fine, though I haven’t tried from bower but it should work.


Yes! that’s it, Thanks! See also: https://github.com/quaertym/ember-cli-compass-compiler/issues/40