Easy way to enumerate keys/value pairs in an Object

I have an application that will be receiving arbitrary JSON structures from a server and displaying them on a page, so I need a nice way to enumerate to any depth over the key/value pairs in a map. I’ve looked at using the each handlebars helper directly on the object in conjunction with the special @key helper but this does not work.

I’ve also taken a look at solutions like this but they seem scrappy, especially for something that should be appearing regularly in the code.


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I don’t think this one is scrappy:

var objKeys = []
for(var key in obj) {

Though I would definitely make it into a function and store it under App.Utils or something, since, like you said, it will be appearing regularly.

Right, yeah. In and of itself it’s not a scrappy way to get the keys from an object, but how can I then use these keys to bind to values in a template.

For example if I expose an object and it’s keys on a controller, then in a template I would want to do something like:

{{#each key in keys}}

This won’t work, but I’m looking for a way to achieve this behaviour. I feel like this should be simpler than it is and am missing something simple here.