Ef5 expectations?


@ef4 is legend. He’s the Paul Bunyan of Ember. I heard he has a private fork of ember that is self aware and can ‘ember install npm’.

That being said what did ef4 do with the first three ef’s and what can we expect from ef5?


The “4” really is part of my name. :grinning:

I don’t know a lot about ef1. He was born in England, emigrated to Canada, and then Kentucky where my grandfather was born before the family moved to Connecticut.

ef2 is fondly remembered. A geek in his own time’s way, he held a patent for oil burner design and published a textbook on it, without much formal education. In his youth, he was training as a pilot when WW2 ended and afterward gave tourist flights (which is how he met my grandmother).

ef3 is still a working self-taught electrical engineer, with a hobby of building and flying drones. He has the propeller from ef2’s military-surplus airplane standing in his dining room. I learned debugging by watching him try to make every random DOS game I could find play correctly on our 386.

ef5 is indeed in training. He and his brother make me proud every day.


What an incredible pedigree! Thanks so much for sharing!

My money was on tornados: