Choosing Ember over React in 2016

Hey all! I just wrote a long blog post about why we chose Ember for Instant 2FA after using React in production for 3 years and I thought people on the forums might enjoy it.

You can read all about it here, but the brief summary of our thought process is:

When we started considering Ember over React, there were two main hypotheses that drove our curiosity:

Convention over configuration. Since Ember handles many things out of the box that React requires composition of other libraries to do, we would be able to accomplish more, faster, and without suffering from decision fatigue.

Progressive enhancement & surviving the framework hype cycle. Since Ember has a very strong community that’s very committed to making Ember the best way to build modern web applications, we would be able to use the latest and greatest technologies, even if our use came a little later on the adoption curve (perhaps on the plateau of productivity).

As we dug into each of these hypotheses, we found compelling evidence that ultimately led us to choosing Ember for both our applications.

I’d love to answer any questions / discuss more here if you’d like to!


Just curious. You said in your post that you guys haven’t heard of ember before. How did you came across the framework?

I can’t remember how I originally heard about Ember, but one of the big things that made me consider using it was watching a few talks by Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz on different pieces of the Ember architecture — IIRC, watching one on Ember FastBoot was a moment when the whole Progressive DX concept really clicked in my head.

@jessepollak enjoyed the article and appreciate the time you put into it. Found it interesting that you called out the hot reloader I work on but not ember-redux :slight_smile:

Glad to see you moving forward w/ productivity!

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@toranb hey! I actually didn’t learn about ember-redux until after I published the post — we’ve been using Ember Data really heavily, so it hadn’t come on to my radar. thanks for all your hardwork!

All good :slight_smile: just happy to see a bright spot in the ember community this fall! Keep up the great work