I am your secret Admirer

Hey Ember Community

Over the past 2 years I’ve been working with React applications. I followed the hype and I build with React, yes react itself is great but everything else around it is complicated, fragmented, and inconsistent. Needless to say looking back, I have to say I wish that I had started here at ember. The amount of hours I’ve wasted setting up React, Webpack, React Router (this is most infuriating because by the time I understood the router they released a new version which was totally different and IMO didn’t make things better)

I’m just here to let you guys know if I start a new project today it would be in Ember. Keep doing what you guys are doing, you guys are on the right path. You provide a cohesive experience for building ambitious front end application just as advertised. Ember is by far the right choice, coming from a guy who now has to maintain React apps.


Hey Zacksiri, awesome to have you on board. Have to say I relate with that story alot. I basically made the same journey but with angular 1 instead of react. I found after a while the framework hype gives way to a need for sanity and the breaking changes/fragmentation of the Angular and React worlds just doesn’t cut it.