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After a conversation about the EmberJS adoption, the ecosystem, and benefits, I found the Ember.js Wikipedia page describing very well the Ember philosophies and principles:

  • Focus on ambitious web applications

  • More productive out of the box

  • Stability without stagnation

  • Future web standards foresight

I have been using Ember for many years and I have experienced the reality and consistency of these principles over the time, while we get their benefits building and maintaining our SAAS product. But after evaluating the low Ember.js adoption even in some large apps in my location (Stockholm, Sweden), I wondered if the principles and benefits could not totally resonate to decision makers who finally select technologies based on other arguments like for example the lack of experienced developers (discussed in another topic ).

To help the communication of the Ember.js strengths, I propose creating the Ember.js Story Page:

The our story page is a commonly used to inform about the history behind a company, team or product; here a few examples: freshbooks, freshworks, airbnb, hyperloop, canva, instagram.

In the Ember.js case, the story page could show a timeline describing the different milestones the community has achieved and how the framework has evolved in its history. I think a visual representation of the past achievements helps to communicate some of the principles and benefits:

  • stability without stagnation

  • adoption for web standards.

  • vibrant contributors and community

  • rich ecosystem

  • mature and long-term project

  • ….

I am not sure if the proposal makes total sense, but I wanted to share the idea, so any feedback will be appreciated.

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Last note: I didn’t know about the Ember Homepage Survey, so I have posted the proposal to the survey.


I cannot <3 this enough. So much yes.

As someone who’s been doing React professionally the past 2.5 years, I have never before felt the benefits of ember so strongly. (I do ember on the side, for fun, and also because I believe it’s the best for making apps)

@ppcano I love the idea, and love that other folks are thinking at this level! You referenced my branding post, and if you’ve listened to any of our podcasts in the last month or two, you’ve probably heard @ryanto and I speak about similar ideas.

I think this is a great idea, but it’s also a new one. I know that inspiration can strike and drive us to take on new projects, but right now I’m concerned about the half-finished work we have in some core parts of the Ember ecosystem. In my estimation, we will best serve our target audience by closing these gaps rather than starting another project or page.

For example, search on the homepage is broken right now. If we don’t have the resources to support such a feature, we need to scope down our work to a level that can be maintained and shipped with a reasonable level of polish. My personal focus is on the marketing content and design of the homepage right now, because it doesn’t capture so much of what makes Ember great to work with in 2018.

All that to say – I feel like a dedicated “Our Story” page might be a big ask for the team right now. I’m wondering if we can think of a good way to achieve your goal with a smaller slice. Perhaps a timeline graphic, like you alluded to, could end up on the new homepage. If you are motivated to work on this, let me know and we can chat about it!

Also, if you are feeling motivated to help improve Ember’s existing pages & marketing materials in an effort to drive adoption, we should find a slice of work (e.g. homepage search, help with writing in the guides or tutorial, etc.) for you to take on.

@samselikoff Thank you for sharing your opinion.

Agree, anyway I wanted to shout the idea so it can be accessible.

More than design and implementation, I think the first step is to align the team on the content.

True, lately I am dedicating some time to help on learning-team issues, unfortunately, my time is very limited.

I created a few slides with the Story idea for a meetup presentation. There may be errors or improvements, but it shows the idea: