Fresh Emberist with Fresh Eyes - what does that Mean?

Pretty self explanatory title but somewhat deep topic - as a fresh adopter of Ember JS - what does the community want from me as a developer?

What does a new leader in Ember JS look like to the community at large? What are the precepts we want to foster in the community?

I ask these things not because I dont want to look at old posts - I’ve already dived in for context on how the landscape for Ember changed - but because, I feel a certain sense of momentum occurring for Ember - and I feel somewhat responsible as an adopter to foster that momentum and keep that development dichotomy going within the rad ecosystem Ember has crafted over 8 years.

Any thoughts from any section of the Ember community are welcome - I made this somewhat vague so I can hear what the fellow community has to say.

Thanks again for listening to my most definitely newbie rant lol. Also, the sadness of not being able to make EmberConf due to the M-W scheduling this year - 2020 for CERTAIN!

Carlo <BigRubyPy >


I think some of the most valuable feedback a fresh set of eyes can provide to a community like ours is to help point out areas that feel outdated or out-of-touch. Whether that’s design, certain APIs, the use of something like jQuery or even how we talk about it in our guides, other language we use in our written materials, and so on – one of our main goals is for Ember to have a seat at the table among all the modern frameworks in the eyes of non-Ember users, so any feedback in this regard would be extremely valuable.


First off, welcome @BigRubyPy and thank you for posing these questions! I’ve think you’ve already started contributing by showing up and speaking.

I heartily agree with @samselikoff’s fine point: outsiders see most clearly what insiders have forgotten or resigned themselves to. (Cough cough, my own resigned comments in code reviews “Well that is an ember thing…”) It may seem intimidating or insignificant to call out large or small inconsistencies. I think it is vital to the health and growth of a software project. In my experience, this type of contribution has become much easier in Ember and is a key way I and any other can increase the quality of the project. @jessica and the learning team have formalized the idea for contribution guides that will make the contributing process even easier.

I also think building an addon or describing any experience you’ve had or are having build or experiment with something in an ember application provides a lot of value to the community. If you join the discord server there is a channel news-and-announcement’s channel. In this channel people post interesting things that often have some avenue for contribution from anyone in the community.

Great questions that I think applies to any community. I cannot answer this definitely and it merits reflection. I have witnessed leadership from many individuals that make up the core teams behind Ember. This points at what leadership looks like in the community.


@samselikoff @efx @zachgarwood

Thank you both for your thoughtful & frankly awesome responses. As a fresh adopter, I want to do my best towards cultivating this projects extensibility into the future. As I become more fluent as an Emberist, I’ll start contributing to help-wanted & contributing add-ons when inspiration hits.

I ask those questions because I see myself being in this community for a while, and want to get an accurate feeling for how the community works with each other, and then, how I fit in, how I can contribute. At this point, I have been absolutely blown away about how supportive everyone is - It’s kind of AMAZING.

I’m also proud to have rounded out the Texas Meetup groups with the fresh Ember - San Antonio! group. Being involved in a co-working space (Geekdom) allows me to book monthly events & I’m taking full advantage to promote the Ember project as best as I can here.

Also, Thank you @samselikoff & @ryanto for EmberMap <---- as a fresh adopter, your podcast is AWESOME, THANK YOU!

If anyone ever has any questions or just wants to lay some Ember shop on me DO IT. When not working I’m crafting my JS & Ruby lol