Shared developer resources?


This is some kind of proposal, but not for ember.js itself so I spared the proposals tag…

It would be great to have a platform where developers can share their knowledge about ember by sharing code snippets (with explanation, comments, demo maybe?, searchable).

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about in-depth posts about emberjs (like we have seen in @darthdeus blog but about fragments that solve little problems like the post I just published in my (quite scruffy) blog (

I think it would be of great value to have a place everyone can contribute to. Do you know of a platform that could solve this problem? Or would this be the opportunity to do another nice open-source ember.js app?

Best, Stefan


This is a great idea :slight_smile: I had something similar in mind when I started with but it never really got anywhere, because it was just too hard to contribute (jekyll sucks).

A discourse forum would be ideal. It’s great at code and great at discussion.

Id like to see a forum like this but specifically geared towards openly discussing code, especially for beginners: a friendly, nurturing environment where asking the same question someone has asked before isn’t met with grumpy response.

With the right tags and a team of keen people who know how to maintain and tidy the archive (tag good posts etc) we could soon have a fantastic resource and grow a tight community.

Could we maybe have a separate less Ember-dev and more Ember-use/Ember-learn forum?

My suggestion would be: