Add more "Good for new contributors" issues


I’ve recently started playing around with Ember and completely felt in love with it. As for me, the documentation is pretty understandable including ember-cli docs (this is awesome stuff!!).

Been exploring Github repo to get some issues to work on (who doesn’t love open-source?) and unfortunately, I’ve found only 4 issues with “Good for new contributors” label (and all have corresponding pull requests submitted). The idea of this label is amazing, never seen it before, unfortunately.

Not sure if that means all the issues are quite tricky and complex but would love to see them more so I can help you on making Ember better! (Or if there’s anybody that has enough time to walk me through some issues - that’s good as well!).

Also - speaking core-team meeting wise, do you guys cover there all the issues opened and plan ongoing work (including what should be fixed/resolved soon?). If yes, would be cool to have something similar for other contributors willing to work on full-time basis with Ember, so we can help you even more :slight_smile:

Thanks, Mike


Likewise, I run a company which is building all our new products on Ember.js. I have junior employees who I’d like to have contribute to Ember open source both as a means to improve their skills and also give back to the Ember community which is giving us so much benefit. So flagging more issues with “Good new contributors” would be a win-win IMHO.