New maintainers / owners requested


Hi all! I don’t really post, but I’ve been in Ember land, for… 7 years now? It’s been a while. Anyways, a whole bunch of y’all probably use some of my addons:

I’ve had increasingly little time to maintain any of these, and would love for the community to continue to use these, without having to wait months for anything to get done.

I have a strong inclination for these to be community rather than individually owned, since they are used by lots of Ember apps! However, I’m not sure how possible that is. I will happily transfer ownership of these repositories to another owner to keep them alive :blush: The only requirements are that the Contributor’s Covenant is kept intact on all of these repositories.

Please ask me your questions! I’ll try to answer them as timely as I can. Thanks! :heart:


This might be a useful place for these if anyone wants to take over maintenance:


@melsumner could you provide some help walking through the adoption process? :smiley: