Peer Code Reviews


This was suggested by @raytiley on the Mentoring thread, but I’m moving it to its own discussion.

Since Ember best practices are still somewhat in flux, I would find it helpful to receive (and give) code reviews from other Ember developers to make sure I’m using Ember right. What do you all think of using this as a place for that? Start a new post here with the details of your request, and use a “review” category to make it easier to follow?


I kind of like the idea, but not really sure how it would work out. Can you elaborate on how you envision the code reviews?


Post a link to the code you want reviewed, with a brief explanation of what you’re trying to accomplish to provide context and anything specific you want feedback on. Include a URL to the code (on Github, in a Gist, CodePen, JSFiddle, whatever) and then others can reply with feedback.

Does that make sense?


It kinda does, but at the same time, Stack Exchange has a code review site. Maybe I’m not seeing how this wold be different from StackOverflow or Code Review (beta)? Although I know StackOveflow isn’t the place to request code review, there are several questions that seem to ask for review (what am I doing wrong type of question).


Whenever I ask more general, open-ended questions on SO my posts get closed, so I stay away from those there. If SE already has a CodeReview site, maybe we should start an emberjs tag on there. I wasn’t aware of such that, so good to know! Thanks!


I think Discourse is a far better alternative for “code review” than the SE platform. “code review” is classic discussion, it can go on tangents, take a long time, involve lots of opinion. Non of this fits well in the SE platform by design.

When we launched Code Review, we always knew it was some sort of bastard child. It was done reactively not because it was something we really wanted to do (mainly as a way to protect Stack Overflow from a class of non-questions)


GH commits/PR’s are also great for reviews.