Embedding a Facebook Page Feed

A client requested their facebook feed be loaded onto a “media” page on their web app. I’ve seen this solution with other frameworks such as wordpress, but has anybody done this with Ember-cli?

Would this addon be used to perform this integration?

Any advice or shared experiences would be much appreciated!

I recently built this for a site and no, you can’t use the JavaScript SDK for this. The reason being that to use the JS SDK you would require your users to authenticate and authorize any calls to the Facebook API, which is simply a bad idea.

You need to do this on the backend side as a call with your app key and app secret, cache it and serve it to Ember with either a model / adapter, or just plain AJAX call.

Thank you for the response. All help is appreciated.

My tendency has been to agree with this, without understanding why. Bad idea considering the context of its value vs. user-friction or just in-general? Security and/or Privacy concerns perhaps?

Regarding server-side implementation with app key and app secret, i’m guessing this deprecation notice brings that feature to a close?

The reasoning behind it is that you will be forced to ask users to “login with facebook” to request your page’s feed.

Right, that deprecation is for the “Recommendations Feed widget”.