Ember 1.11 web-component support

It is awesome that with Ember 1.11 we get syntax support in templates for web-components such as:

<review-box review={{review}}></review-box>

But in the DOM you still get <div id="ember545" class="ember-view">. So I can’t actually target review-box in my css/sass. Especially when using the component/pod-structure having the ability to target custom elements really seems to be the natural way forward.

Are there any plan to add support for that?

It would be great to have at least and ember-cli-addon that utilises libraries such as http://x-tags.org/, is then detected by ember which turn it spits out the custom elements rather than divs.

What are other people’s thoughts?

Edit: thinking about it, even just having an automatic className would be a good work-around imo. Then there is no need for a library and you don’t need to add any classes manually to access the component.

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So setting the ‘tagName’ attribute to ‘review-box’ on the Ember.Component still creates a div?

I thought components supported exactly what your talking about