Ember 1.13 View deprecation and route's view class names


1.13 deprecate views. Great. Then what’s the recommended migration for route views that have class names? In my app, I have an application view just to set up the class name on it. If I get rid of the view, as “strongly” suggested by 1.13, I get a root div with no class on it. I agree with the general direction of Route-Component-Model. But it seems that something is missing… Should we have a a way to set the class names for the root of a a route at the route level?

I guess my real question is: How is it possible to set a class for the application root div without creating an application view? I just want my application main div to have a a class.

Let me know if you found a solution for this issue.


I believe that’s the discussion you missed


Yep this is a duplicate. Thx @od1n