I need help converting my old view structure to 2.2


I stopped programming in Ember for a while and now I’m back, but a lot of the things I am used to have changed, and the one I am having the hardest time dealing with is views/components.

I’ve used both and understand the conceptual differences, but I don’t understand how to replace some things I used views for in the past with the new component structure.

For instance, take the application route and template. Used to be that, back in my day, you just wrote an ApplicationView and you can customize some things about the application template and make use of didInsertElement() or set a custom id.

Now, I am starting a new project from scratch using 2.2 and obviously that is not possible anymore. I see the emberjs/ember-legacy-views repo but really don’t want to use it if I can avoid it.

However, I see that the render() method still takes a viewName option as an argument so what is going on here?

Is template rendering not associated with a view anymore or what? How can I define a view/component class that wraps a routes template (i.e. applicaiton)? Is this possible anymore?