Is {{render}} deprecated in 2.0?


I have an application that makes use of {{render}} a lot.

  • Is this helper part of Ember.view?
  • Is it officially deprecated?
  • If not, where can I find the official docs for it? It used to be in the Guides but it no longer is.


replace your view with a component - it’s an easy refactoring. Then use



{{render}} is not deprecated in 2.0.0 (which means that it will live on throughout 2.x), but it is likely to be deprecated sometime in the 2.x lifetime. The vast majority of things that {{render}} does, are better handled by a component and {{each}}.

The API docs should be listed on, but they are not at the moment (likely because the API docs were lost during the rewrite for Ember 1.13). You can see the 1.12.1 API docs here: (I have created to get that fixed).


Thanks for the speedy reply!