Ember Addon Removing Dummy App in Production Builds

First we are using an older version of ember for a store project. In that project we wrote an add-on (was going to be shared) that we use as a cart. We have a dummy app that we flushed out for the add on which looking at the addon is standard to be included (can you tell I am not the original author).

The issue comes in that the dummy app has a redirect HTML file with a postMessage that is wide open and security flagged this as a vulnerability. I can probably change that to lock down to the referrer and hope that does not break the dummy app.

However I am wondering why the dummy app is being deployed when we include the add on in the parent application anyway. I understand including it when we are running in development mode, maybe on a test line deployed, but full on production. So is there a way to safely remove deployment of this app say based on a configuration during building the parent app so we could possibly support a test line?

Thanks, Brian

It’s normally not deployed. Someone would have needed to do something custom to cause it to be deployed.

Are you sure it’s actually deployed? Sometimes security scanning services that look at your source code don’t really understand which parts deploy and which don’t.