Ember and Google Optimize

Does anyone have any experience using ‘Google Optimize’ with Ember?

We hooked up ember-metrics last week and were able to push things into the Google Tag Manager dataLayer pretty smoothly in an Ember way, but when I try and think of how Optimize would work in an Ember application, my brain just goes all foggy. Ember doesn’t seem like it would enjoy html/css/js being inserted into it from an outside source, but maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way.

As far as DIY A/B - I can change images and reorganize pages fairly easily with things like checking window size - or by using a query parameter, but I’m told that Optimize needs to make decisions on its end.

Any words of encouragement - or some precedents for something similar would be greatly appreciated.

Turns out it all just works in the normal way. ember-metrics to place the Google snippets - and then just the standard implementation with Optimize (properly added to the Google Tag Manager etc). Then you can just create the variants in the WYSIWYG editor… and it works. Too good to be true. I’ll update with anything I run into as it gets more complex.


I tried to test if I couldn’t view the page variants on localhost after I ran the experiment. It seems I can’t get the variant to load up no matter how many times I refresh the page. I even set the percentage to be 100% to showing the variant but it does not work too