The state of SEO & EmberJS

Hallow fellow Embers,

For the past several months we have been using pre rendered pages as a solutions to the SEO problem, we have used different kind of services to handle this for us. For some time now, there have been some buzz about Google now executing javascript with there bots, so one would assume that all this extra work and a lot of extra page request would have come to an end.

For safety, we have not yet killed our meta tag.

<meta name="fragment" content="!">

But have any of you satisfactorily removed the tag, and got your pages indexed by Google? Meaning we can remove ours?


I’ve never put the tag on any of my Ember sites. Every single one has been indexed by Google. My resume / portfolio site (in Ember) was put up all the way back in 2012, did not have any tag, SEO, or even fallback text. Loading the site without JavaScript enabled returned a completely blank page. Yet was indexed by Google right away! This was over a year before Google announced officially that they were indexing JavaScript only sites.

I do not know if my experience was typical.

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I was recently presented with this challenge with a ember-cli based project. I had a totally different experience to @Gaurav0, I have to prerendered all the pages so there are no javascript dependencies. From my experiments i get very different rendering responds from googlebot on the same site even the same page.

To elaborate a little. In google webmaster tool you can perform ‘fetch as google’ and see how google will see some of the pages. With the same URL submitted 5 times 3 times rendered correctly, and twice return error status. However for all of them when you perform a google search ‘site:’ and open the cached pages all the ‘indexed’ pages were blank.

So now I am using and things seems to be working much better. Since we also wanted to be index by bing etc this is still the safest bet.

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I just wanted to ask if you had any troubles with and ember’s loading routes?

we are using since a long time and until recently we had no trouble, but just recently we added a global loading route to our app and since then every page that takes a bit longer to render just returns the loading route data from prerender.

It seems increasing time out for prerender does not have an effect and some how the loading route triggers end of rendering for prerender service. Any idea how this can be fixed?