SEO Best Practices with Ember

Is FastBoot part of 1.10? Or more like 1-2 months out? I read this has helps w/ SEO… Problem being, I’m looking to get a site online in the next couple days and primary concern is making sure the Page Titles & Meta Descriptions are filled in.

What strategies or process is the most efficient for submitting a site/site-map to Google?

Currently looking into …

FastBoot is awesome.

But now, FastBoot is still in development (I think).

I have no idea to integrate my pm2 node server and ember-cli-fastboot.

So we use prerender on my own server for now.

Prerender is an open source project.

Currently I am in the middle of setting my ember app up for production deployment, but I am still looking for a solid way to solve the SEO issues. Preferably I’d like to deliver the app - just as it is - to all clients except for search engine crawlers.

As far as I could see by now, fastboot still has some limitations so I am not really keem on working with it yet.

So does someone already have good experiences setting up an HTML prerender for their ember app yet? Does someone suggest using prerender for this use case of creating pre-render HTML for SEO reasons only? And can you share which backend & middleware you have been using with the prerender service successfully?