Fastboot and backend choice


Hi guys,

I read about fastboot on the emberjs blog and it sounds awesome. I usually develop my backend with PHP + Laravel.

But my question is once fastboot is landed, will there be a performance difference between a nodejs and a whatever (php, ruby, go, …) backend? I was just wondering, because if nodejs will be indeed faster, I might invest some time to start writing my future applications with that.

By faster I don’t mean just the processing of the backend itself, but I can imagine that with nodejs you might not have to make an external extra request to fetch the data.

Am I wrong about that or will it be just the same with nodejs as it is with another language and there will be an extra request to get the data ember data needs.


I believe fastboot will be completely agnostic to the technology that powers your API.

From what I understand, your Ember.js app will be run on the server under a node process that provides a good-enough DOM abstraction for your app to render. It will make calls out to your API the same as if it was running in the user’s browser. This should be faster as the connection between servers will be much better/shorter (or possibly running on the same server if it’s a small app) and much more deterministic.

Yehuda and Tom good a great job of explaining it on the recent Frontside podcast -


I think you’re missing the point of Fastboot. The purpose of Fastboot is not to convert Ember into a server side framework, but to enable instant loading of an Ember application by sending first the initial page in html and lazily load the rest application in javascript. Also, it’s going to be useful for SEO.


thanks. I thought maybe there might be a way to do this fetching over a node socket or something and avoid external firewall and stuff, but I don’t know too much about that stuff. :smiley: