Ember.js frontend and Node.js backend?

Hello guys, I’m learning EmberJS for an application that I need to build, and I would like to use Node.js as a backend. I did some research and looks no many developers have used other frameworks for backen than Ruby. I found Ember CLI Mirage but I didn’t find the way to setup my API url to make ALL the request into my backend.

Do you know any add-on for this? There’s any example/tutorial source out there that you would recommend me?

I appreciate any help.


Hi, you can use PouchDB that runs on node on the backend you can than use ember-pouch on the frontend. You can switch to CouchDB or Cloudant if you need to scale it. An example.


A bigger example: https://github.com/HospitalRun/hospitalrun-frontend

Lots of people use lots of different backends. Ruby is one of them, so is node, so is pretty much everything you can think of.

It doesn’t matter what backend you use. Ember cares about the frontend only. You can build your backend in whatever technology you prefer.

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The only thing I can add is try to generate RESTful json API from the backend so that you can plug it easily with ember data.

you could try sails.js or koa.js for node web framework. koa.js is a micro framework while sails is kind of rails inspired mvc framework so align much with ember work flow.