Has anyone connected Ember to Loopback?

Has anyone used Loopback (Strongloop) as an API backend? Was it painful? Does it play nicely? Any resources/examples/advice?


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I’m trying now.

But they did not have ember sdk.

Great but some trouble.

see that

I’m try to use now.

Great but some problem.


This may or may not be of any help, but I did try to implement a REST API for Ember-Data using Strongloop’s Loopback library/tool a long time back. I remember hitting a wall when trying to customize the JSON responses to match Ember-Data conventions … Had to implement it via a hook that the library provided and it just got messy quick. I ended up just writing my own REST API using Express; was a lot more straightforward and was simpler than I thought. Also, node-restify looks interesting and I’m planning to write my next RESTful API with that.

Check out sailsjs - it works like a charm with the ember blueprints: https://github.com/mphasize/sails-ember-blueprints

I’m trying. But lookback has no ember sdk, and they say “we are not going to write one in the short term”, so you need to call the simple backend using ajax.

loopback has auto swagger generator and arc, that’s great. Dose sails has those feature? Please let me know if there is. Because I have to choose one between loopback and sails. Thanks.

sails is more friendly for emberjs? Auto swagger generator, model composition like loopback arc? Thanks.

You can try http://sanestack.com/. The cli creates a folder structure so you can develop server (sails.js) and client (ember.js) seperately, but they integrate smoothly.