Request: Ember 1.0 + EmberData + Rails Example


Firstly, amazing work on Ember.

I am an experienced front end dev who is very new to Ember, and very new to back end dev. The new getting started tutorial that was released with 1.0 was very helpful for making a local app. I am now interested in learning how to use ember-data with the rails rest api. I have searched for this and found old examples using older versions of ember. An extended getting started video with full CRUD actions to a rails backend using the RESTfulAdapter would clear a lot up for me.

Thanks guys


Please keep this updated if you happen to come across anything useful. I would like to see this as well.

It’s not updated now, but I’d keep an eye on


I was pointed to from another thread, which is a really simple node json api. This is really all I was looking to do. Some simple backend code that acts as a pipe to the database.

I was thinking, if using a schema-less db, why not use an agnostic backend that knows nothing other than the request it gets, tries to make that CRUD with the db, and sends back the success or failure. Why does the server side code need to duplicate the models on the client side? Is there a DRY way to do this?

@GODPUS I have proposed the following cookbook:

This is still in the conceptual phase, but I would like to work on example app that demonstrates how a specific API could be implemented in multiple languages and frameworks and speaks to a common Ember JS app.

One initial task is to come up with an example design and spec for the API. Basically an example app that touches many of the concerns and nitty gritty required for setting up an API.

If anybody is willing to collaborate with me on this, I could put some time into it. Would be an interesting learning opportunity for me, and hopefully produces something useful to the community.

Anyway, that being said, I recommend looking into

And for Rails try using

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I have a full Digital Asset Management app using ember / ember-data / rails that I am going to open source in the next few weeks. I will let you know when it is up.

Rails 4.0 + Ember 1.0 + EmberData 1.0

Live demo



wow what a rad community! thanks feiping!

Awesome. Thanks so much.

I would also suggest noel rappin’s mastering time and space with javascript book 4:ember. It’s only 7 bucks (15 for all 4). Due to a long beta release cycle for the book, readers have benefitted since he has updated the code to include ember v1.0.0 and ember-data1.0beta2. He does a good job of explaining concepts as well.


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