Ember App not playing sound in Chrome


I have built an ember music app consuming favorite songs by SoundCloud using the api of this project. You can see the demo here

From a couple of days i have noticed that only in Chrome any song i play, the sound and and the stream do not work, in the other browsers ( Safari and Firefox) it works well as usual.

I thought at the beginning it was violating the content Security Policy directive in environment Ember Cli but after i solved it, the problem is still there, plus there is not console log error

These are all the actions i have taken in Chrome to fix it, none of them was successful

  • Removed any chrome extension
  • Clear cache and deleted cookies
  • Tried in incognito mode
  • Reinstalled Chrome My chrome is update , the version is 48.0.2564.116 (64-bit)

At the moment the sound and the stream do not work in my app and also in the demo http://soundcloud.lrdiv.co/ but in all the other browsers yes.

So question is, what other actions can i take? Should i maybe downgrade a Chrome Version as last try? Is it only a browser problem?

I have also followed these instructions with not solution