Ember app...too fast?

I’ve been building my app in fastboot and am running into a good kind of problem - the app is so fast it’s sometimes hard to tell that something has happened when an interaction occurs. If there’s a big model change it’s quite obvious. But when there are small changes it’s problematic.

I’m writing a search filtering app. So for example when the user changes the amount of items shown on the page - the change occurs “below the fold” so at the point the interaction occurs there’s very little indication anything happened. Also, some filters only change one element on the page.

I’m thinking there needs to be some kind of app-wide “signal” animation that fires whenever there’s a model change. I tried installing liquid-fire but ran into some issues outlined here. And, I think it might be more than I need.

Is there anything simple poeple have used for solving this? It’s a web app and I think users kind of expect pauses and page reloads so some kind of signal is necessary.

Not exactly your usecase but I like to see data is coming in from the backend. Perhaps you can also trigger kickspin on every change like this:

Demo: https://bloggr.exmer.com/posts

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