Ember application design

We at work are planning a turn-based game platform. We’re studying Ember as a very promising framework to write the front-end, but we have some design problems.

The platform will have several types of games (chess, backgammon, tictactoe…), and users will create or join boards to play that games. As everybody nowadays, we’ll use a REST API to talk to the server. So the URL for asking the status of your chess game will be this one:


Of course, each game has its own rules and board, so the API will return a completely different JSON depending on the games parameter, and the Ember app must render a completely different set of templates and controllers to handle that JSON.

The question is how to organize this behaviour with Ember. We’ve talked about some options, but we have almost no experience in browser-based applications (we all have a classic Django/Rails background), so we’re not very confident in our own ideas :smile: It would be great having some clues or opinions of people with more Ember experience. How would you face this scenario?

Thank you!