Ember approach going forward after RC1 (Ember-Data / Routing)

The system we have developed does not make use of data in a REST fashion at all. I know that the idea is that ember data would be able to deal with this somehow. However, we would not be using it anyway so we haven’t been looking at it.

Once the ember data is integrated into ember proper would there be any assumptions about its use w.r.t. a model? We are providing our own models (Ember.Object) and I have actually already run into issues around calling something ‘model’ in RC1. Not a train smash since we just call it ‘data’ but it get me wondering about how our structure would fit into the ember world.

In the pre-rc1 version we are using we have many sub-routes and we do not have anything really relating to a ‘resource’. So the change in RC1 feels somewhat disjointed. I am still looking at RC1 so I may be missing bits. Have been using the previous version for all of a month so trying to juggle them is quite tricky. The client will be upgrading so that change is coming.

We also added navigation from the ‘init’ methods in controllers. These controllers seem to only be instantiate when navigated to in RC1. Quite obviously quite a change in how we build our navigation.

Anyway, I will post question w.r.t. specific issues on stack overflow.

I was just wondering whether the inclusion of ember data in ember proper would cause any further required changes in how we interact with the models.

This is a very interesting question. Could you provide a bit more specific examples of things that you use and which conflict with new Ember router? I think that I don’t get some of the things that you described.

From my perspective, the router is not strongly connected to anything related to Ember Data. The connection is just on the API level, for example if you model class provides a find method, Ember will use it for route, which includes :model_id dynamic segment. I haven’t noticed anything related to the Router + Ember Data relationship that could not be customized.

Thanks for your reply drogus.

I am still looking at the RC1 code and comparing to our framework code (v1.0.0-pre.2) so I haven’t nailed down all the issues.

One thing that seems different is that in RC1 the view action goes directly to the controller and no longer to the router.