Ember authentication with servlet as backend

I am trying to develop a login/signup page using ember.I am currently using ember 3.X. How can I implement an authentication system with ember in the frontend and java servlets in the backend??

Does This have anything to do with RESTApiAdapter or JSONApiAdapter?

I don’t know too much about Java servlets but from the Ember app’s point of view all that matters is what format the API is sending the data in (and what method it uses for authentication).

The back-end should be a black box so the Ember app doesn’t have to know whether it’s being operated by Java servlets, PHP or Rails.

I have an idea to send username password to the server generate an authentication key and store it in db. Whenever the user logins the key is sent to client side an set in session

Is it okay for a login?

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@kasinaat007 that sounds like a pretty standard authentication scheme. I’d try and implement OAuth2 Password Grant authentication in your java backend. I’d guess there are plenty of libraries that do most of it for you (but I’m unfamiliar with java myself). If you do that you can use the built-in authenticator in ESA with very little effort.