Ember-auto-import dynamic import chunk in Chrome does not have "src=" with scheme://host

We have a few apps that dynamically import some ember && non-ember libraries. In Chrome/Brave only (FF, Microsoft Edge Chromium based :thinking: and Safari are fine), we see that the script inserted in the head tag does not have the scheme://host. This is in production && development. This leads me to believe that ember-auto-import or webpack has a runtime component that inserts lazy loaded chunks into the head tag. Forcing publicAssetURL to /assets fixes this for us across all browsers.

Iā€™m part documenting for others but also part curious. Is this behaviour in the realm of ember-auto-import? Any ideas why Chrome && Brave the only ones failing?

Chrome -

<script src="chunk....">

Safari -

<script src="https://host.../assets/chunk....">

This is an issue with similar errors but likely different causes.