Bundling deps with ember-browserify vs. ember-auto-import

I am updating a large application with many third party dependencies to use ember-auto-import. After solving some smaller issues (“fs” imports and webpack), I am now running into modules that aren’t natively able to run in “isomorphic” environments. This is expected (as per how the 3rd party deps were written), but not an issues with ember-browserify. We have guards for FastBoot environments for certain execution paths.

Moving to ember-auto-import has cropped up quite a few server side rendering errors (e.g. document is not defined) coming from those 3rd party deps. For me to solve these issues, I need to understand the differences between the two packages and the differences they create when bundling up our apps.

Does anybody have a bit more clarity on why ember-auto-import might be causing these issues? Or perhaps have experienced similar situations?