Ember 3.x and browser support

In some not fresh browser like Firefox 49 I have SyntaxError and I see blank page . Did’t find any information about browser support, so how to understand there is a problems in libraries, build configs or this browser not supported at all in ember 3.x. I wanna support browser like Firefox 49 and above, so ready for any information helps me to research this problem or just understand what happen. In new browser works like a charm

Error example from Firefox 49: SyntaxError: missing = in const declarationvendor-71a40b93ddeec9a3420d0124213d88aa.js:7394:10 ReferenceError: define is not defined

Environment: DEBUG: Ember : 3.18.0 DEBUG: Ember Data : 3.17.0


after debugging the problem was found in custom app.import, looks like this libs not go through babel.

app.import('node_modules/...some modeule', {
     using: [
        transformation: 'fastbootShim'

Is there a way run Babel on custom imoprt?

I don’t know of any prebuilt way to run app.import through babel. If you can switch to ember-auto-import, that does automatically go through babel-preset-env to respect your browser targets.

There’s not an equivalent of “fastbootShim” for ember-auto-import, but you can use import() to only try to load the library when not in fastboot.