Ember compatible browsers

I’m just getting started with Ember. I’m running the latest build of Firefox (38.0.5)

Having problems with some of the route syntax in Firefox. Using pretty standard routing syntax from the guides (anything that starts with “export default”).

I’m getting errors like:
“SyntaxError: missing declaration after ‘export’ keyword”

From what I’ve Googled it looks like Firefox currently has limited EMCAScript 6 support and the “export” functions aren’t implemented yet.

Am I right in concluding that I can’t use Firefox for web dev until this has been implemented? (Or is there a workaround?)

Is there a browser that anyone can recommend that doesn’t have these limitations?

you need this http://www.ember-cli.com/

Have you compiled your examples with ember build?

I have not used ember-cli or “ember build”.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Welcome. Did it work? :slight_smile:

I’ve been going through the ember-cli guides and blog posts I can find but to be honest I haven’t gotten it working yet.

Current issue is I’m missing a package.json file in my app and trying to figure that one out. (Plus it’s not looking in the right place in my rails asset pipeline, though the file is not there either.)

This maybe interesting to you What scripts do I need to get started with Ember without ember-cli? - #6 by skaterdav85