A Rails and Ember.js (With the Ember CLI) Tutorial



Just cranked out a little tutorial in case anyone wants to get started. I’ll be adding parts as I can get time to work on them.


Awesome, thanks for sharing!

For the CORS section under Exposing an API, you might want to talk about the security implications of allowing any origin and resource with any method. Or maybe define it differently for each environment?


I’ll definitely add to it. The posts will probably evolve when I have a bit more time. Thanks!


Ug, this used to be a great tutorial (that I’ve gone back to a couple of times) but the link is now dead :frowning: Can a brother get a 301?


The link does work for me. Would this updated tutorial be helpful too?


thanks @emberigniter. Your tutorial is great and, you’re correct, the link does work. maybe I was just having connectivity issues in the office (happens for a few minutes every day).

Thanks again.