Thorough Ember Tutorial


I just released a fairly thorough Ember Tutorial that uses Rails and ember-rails. I’d really like your feedback on the code and content.


You forgot the link…


@vic_ramon Kindly add the link to your resource.


Whoops, it’s there now.


Bookmarked for later, cheers. Hoping to see associations and validations, both of which are usually glossed over in ember tutorials.


Handling big amounts of data is something I’m interested in also (>30k rows) - how to approach this.


I just had a quick look, it seems to be a good resource. Will surely refer back to it.

However, coming from a non-Rails background, I have to say that there’re way too much Ember.js resources out there that assume Rails background. Yeah I know, it shouldn’t make a difference… theoretically.


@danie11am seems like a great opportunity for you to write on with a different backend! :stuck_out_tongue:


@danie11am Other people have been saying this too. What do you want to use for your backend?


Currently I’m working on an Ember.js app with Node/Express as backend.

@trek ha thx I wish I could find the time to.


Does your tutorial go over separate template files? This is an area that is in need of coverage.


I have been looking for something like this for a few days now! What you did for Ember is what Michael Hartl did for Ruby on Rails. I would pay money for this quality of work. Thanks a lot Vic Ramon! I can’t wait to become an Ember master and it will be because of quality work like this!


Thanks @pyrabbit, I appreciate the compliment.

@ydarbleoj The tutorial does use separate template files, though I’m not sure what you specifically mean here. Separating templates into different files is not that complicated of a concept, other than having to put templates in subdirectories when the route is nested under a resource…


@vic_ramon Thanks. I just perused your tutorial, very nice; and I agree, not that difficult.


I’m part way through and have the following feedback.

Very well written and concise. I’ve read countless ember tutorials and articles and yours has had the highest “aha”-to-text ratio yet. That could also be because I’ve read countless ember tutorials. :wink:

Very appreciative of the Javascript/CoffeeScript toggle, but I’d love to see a handlebars/emblem toggle. My “aha” count dropped significantly once you switched to emblem only, as I find syntaxless HAML-esque DSLs extraordinarily hard to follow for whatever reason.

Don’t apologize for putting the tutorial in a Rails context. There are many many Rails devs out there looking to transition to Ember, so why shouldn’t there be specific tutorials.

Thanks for spending the time.Onward…


Thanks @uberllama.

Handlebars/Emblem toggle could be a thing.

I’ve used Haml with Rails for a long time so I’ve grown to really dislike plain html. Maybe I shouldn’t force Emblem on the tutorial readers… it’s just so much more concise, I feel like it’s cleaner once your eyes adjust to it. That’s my opinion though :smile:

As a sidneote, I’d prefer something more like Haml than Slim, but I haven’t found a good Haml plugin for Handlebars.


I just finished this tutorial and I thought it was great and super easy for a beginner like me to understand how Rails and Ember work in conjunction with one another.


Really good tutorial, probably the best I read about Ember-Data relationships (it would save me some good headache some time ago :slight_smile:

Good job!


@nandosan Not to steal Vic’s thunder, but there was another really good Ember Data article mentioned on Ember Weekly yesterday:


Its a bit embarrassing but I was thinking of that tutorial writing the comment… (I had the two of them opened at the same time…) However the tutorial of @vic_ramon is different but as good as Ember Weekly’s one. It uses a different a more “guided” approach that is probably better for anyone starting to learn ember. Sorry for the confusion…