[TUTORIAL] My first 5 part beginner tutorial: Django & EmberJS Full Stack Basics: Connecting Frontend and Backend

I wrote a 5 part beginner tutorial called Django & EmberJS Full Stack Basics: Connecting Frontend and Backend. Maybe some of you will find this useful. Would appreciate some constructive feedback as well. This was my first longish tutorial that I’ve written and man is it a lot of work.


I really love that you included explanation of the dependencies/dev env like pip. I feel like this is an “all the pieces together” kind of thing that doesn’t get written very often, but is needed.

One thing that confused me as a beginner, back in the day, was understanding front end vs back end, so maybe a sentence or two on that would be helpful. Linking to the Ember and Django resources that you found helpful might also be good for new devs.

Have you considered submitting this to freecodecamp? Overall, awesome work!


Wow, this is amazing! Great work!

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Thanks Jen. Explanation fo the front end and backend would be a good idea. I’ll add a section for that once I get around to updating in a few days. I have a Further Reading section at the bottom of each part with the links I used for research, I’ll add more resources to that as I review.

Submitting to freecodecamp is a good idea. I was thinking of consolidating all of the parts into one long form tutorial before submitting. It would have a table of contents with links to jump through the different sections. What do you think?