Would like a small example application, if anyone wants to do it

Hi there. I’ve been trying to get into EmberJS over the past week, and it’s been causing me all sorts of headaches. I’m having a rather hard time figuring out what I’m supposed to do or use at what points, and what things should be called. I’d like to request that if anyone has the time and would like to do it, they write a very specific sample application.

The sample application should:

  • Be very easy to read (indentation, space between code blocks, etc)
  • Be very well commented, explaining why a particular piece of code appears, and what it does, and why it does it that way.
  • Have something like employees or products - something that is easily universally applicable.
  • Have a route that lists all or most of the resources, and a search box with which to filter that data (for example /resources/list ?)
  • Have a route that’s transitioned to when searching (for example, /resources/search/query ?) and displays everything in a identical way.
  • Have a route that shows detailed information about the resource when it’s clicked.
  • Not include anything that isn’t strictly necessary for the above (to avoid confusion).

It’d be fantastic to have two versions, if I’m allowed to press my luck. One version that focuses on the routing, naming, and structure – and another which incorporates live data (so that it’s easy to see how the actual search and such are implemented and loaded, once the other concepts have been understood).

As a separate but related subject, I think a “How To…” section that explains how to achieve particular individual results (without including anything unnecessary for that particular result, to avoid confusion) would be an absolute treasure to have on the frontpage of EmberJS, particularly for people trying to get started.

Have you checked out Peepcode’s tutorial? I found it very helpful.

I may take a stab at your app though.