Various troubles from a Ember beginner developer

Saddly we don’t leave in a perfect world, where all tutorials and example is the same or related. I’ve found a long and difficult path to learn Ember in when develop a project with Ember, tutorials are outdate and confuse. I no see future on Ember cause this. I’m try to learn Ember 2, there is no sense wasting time learning the old.

In many tutorials, started with example when a Application preload some datas from a server, and the models are beautiful and works. In my application I need load a screen, after login, before some user interactions. So the user click in a link to a search. The route should be like this:


Well, I need give up this, cause I don’t found a way to do this. Why the components in booking screen are always showed in query screen. So I go on and next step and this I stucked for a few days.

The search field need send a post for 4 input fields. My backend (I don’t have control), expected a post for a search. I try follow the recommendations for Ember-Data, creating models and etc. So until now didn’t any progress.

I concluded if Ember wants survive, need a more easily way to learn, to guides don’t help with a practical and concise example. The Ember develops need blogging more about it, and more about the new versions. To the Ember core, performance need be a prior, in various application I see a delay when something is inputted. Ember load more data than Angular.

So anyone, can correct or help me(I’m still need help), I’m open to learn and I want to contribute for community.

Hey flpms, I hear you and totally agree that learning Ember can be a long and difficult path.

The good news: the core and documentation teams are really taking comments like yours to heart. Ember 2 brings on tremendous improvements. I wish I could somehow transfer this confidence to you :slight_smile:

I will not address your particular issues (regarding routing and components) because I don’t understand it well. I encourage you to post another thread in this forum with a concrete and more detailed explanation of your problem. Make sure the title of the thread describes your exact problem!

What I can refer you to (if you are interested in reading ONLY up-to-date Ember 2 content) is my blog, Ember Igniter. For example a popular post is about 5 essential Ember concepts. There are also several step-to-step guides, covering quite a lot of Ember Data, and recently authentication. Many developers like you starting out with Ember have found it useful. I hope that helps a bit!


@emberigniter I’ve visit your blog daily to learn more, and you has done a great job at there. I made this for the community in general and for people which wrote about ember to talk about very old Ember version.

Continue with your great blog, help me a lot.

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@emberigniter - I too am new to Ember and struggle finding coherent, up-to-date documentation and examples. Your work is appreciated. Highly.

I’d recommend Ember CLI 101, Ember Igniter & Ember Screencasts as great starting resources to get familiar with Ember.

I’ve been an ember user for a while now. I frequent this forum, stackoverflow, /r/emberjs and other places for support.

I think the single most critical thing for the docs team to do is bridge the gap between and We cannot continue to have two separate tutorial pages that exist in this weird isolation mode. I know that ember still has a global’s option for those who can’t use ember-cli and they’re trying to thread that needle. But my perception is that upwards of 80% of users are on Ember-CLI. The guides are already showing ES 6 code samples (which is impossible without Babel and buildtools).

Right now new users come to Ember.js and try to get started, but without specific ember-cli instructions they fall completely flat. Ember and ember-cli docs must be folded together, otherwise you’re asking new users to bridge the gap cognitively between the two projects.

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Hi Dan, I’m glad that helps! Thanks!