Ember auto import & Jquery Plugins?

Good Afternoon Everyone,

My team has a number of jquery plugins that we would like to use in our application.

  • Slimscroll

  • popover

  • tooltip

  • Select2

  • TreeJs

  • Flotcharts

What is the way one goes about incorporating these plugins into a project in Ember with the jquery integration enabled as detailed here? I was under the impression ember-auto-import performs some magic to make this painless.

I should note we are also using Apex Charts , for which ember-auto-import does indeed work its magic.

Also in case it’s relevant we are using ember-cli-typescript.

I’m not sure if this is the best way but you can always import stuff like that in your ember-cli-build.js e.g. from our app:


I generally use ember-auto-import for more modern modules or anything i want to load lazily.

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This is an ember-auto-import FAQ:

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Indeed a couple hours after posting the question I came across the bit about jquery plugins in your link.

Thank you all.