Ember boilerplate with latest Ember-CLI and Ember 4.8.2 LTS

Hi all,

I’m Manh, a software developer from Vietnam.

I’m good at developing the ASPDOTNET MVC 5 Web Application with Razor page + jQuery + ASPDOTNET Web API 2 + SQL Server database. I just learned Ember.js a few days ago.

  • GDP Vietnam 2021: 366.100.000.000 dollars
  • Population Vietnam 2021: 97.470.000 people

I am interested in build the boilerplate that includes:

1/ Ember.js 4.8.2 (LTS)

2/ Ember-CLI 4.10.0 (Latest version)

3/ No jQuery

4/ How to use the component in the new ember.js application? For example:

  • ember-bootstrap
  • ember-simple-auth
  • ember-power-select
  • ember-simple-tree
  • ember-data-table

5/ UI component (maybe use the Bootstrap framework)

6/ Tree component like jQuery jsTree

  • Ember.js call ajax to load tree items from ASPDOTNET Web API 2 + SQL Server
  • Load on demand
  • Context menu

7/ List/Table component like jQuery Datatables

  • Have a checkbox for row selection and the header of the checkbox column as checkbox which helps the user to select all the rows
  • Paging, sorting, searching (filtering)…

If you have any suggestions / concerns, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!

Best Regards,

Manh Nguyen Viet

M: +84 982411958

E: manhng83@gmail.com