Add On Advice - "Huge Data" listing, paging, search


Hi, I asked before but parked the issue until I figured out the show stopper (first ember project ever)

In a nutshell, I’m looking for a component / addon that list data like jquery data tables would, allowing server side paging/search/etc. jasonmit gave me some nice pointers here jQuery Datatable equivalent

However now looking at these components nothing seems “right”. For instance, ember-models-table (at least what I gather from the demo) does not load its data from the server (and if it does, seems to load all data, which in my case will be tens of thousands of records)

Ember light table seems so awesome but seems to load data as one scroll. I really need paging.

Thought I might know enough by now to create my own, but time is a little tight, so thought I’d ask once more now that I’m more clear about what I need (hoping the above make sense of course)