JQuery Datatables replacement

Are there any well developed Ember alternatives to JQuery Datatables? We’re currently using them in a standard JQuery project and I’d like to move it to ember, but our reliance on Datatables is immense.

Or since Ember does a lot of the stuff that Datatables does (namely, DOM manipulation), is it simple enough to just tackle it from scratch?

Have not used it but there is ember-cli-jquery-datatables.

Yeah, thats just a datatables shim. I’m looking for something thats an alternative or an example of achieving the same functionality straight ol’ Ember.

Most of what datatables does (as far as we use it) can be summed up in:

  1. Handles pagination

  2. Handles sorting

  3. Handles search

  4. Hides / Shows columns

  5. Auto updates with new data

All of those features are already baked into ember or theres already an addon for it. Didnt know if anyone hasnt “component-ized” it yet

Perhaps use CouchDB and PouchDB. My example: