jQuery Datatable equivalent


Got an API (asp.net web api, in my control, so can customize) that return data from a pretty massive database.

First time using Ember (know the basics by now) so not sure what is a good alternative to what I’d normally use in an Asp.Net MVC project (server side filtering/sorting/paging with jquery datatables)?

Just a shove in the right direction is all I’d like. Searching bring up so many results and don’t really have time to experiment.

Thanks in advance, Nico

I personally prefer https://www.npmjs.com/package/ember-light-table but there are a number of table options (probably too many).


Thanks bud, that looks great.

But think going to need something that support filtering / sorting, etc. (“think” because I’m not too sure about the specs just yet) Let me try go through that search and see what i come up with (going to need somethign with documentation since I’m such a n00b)

Something like that should work. Now for the nightmare to figure out how to make it work. lol (still so much to learn but absolutely love Ember!)

Sorting is possible, have a look at the example: http://offirgolan.github.io/ember-light-table/

It’s implemented outside of the component itself, but this is likely an ideal implementation to allow for custom sorting logic (i.e., going to the server versus sorting the model client side). https://github.com/offirgolan/ember-light-table/blob/master/tests/dummy/app/controllers/table.js#L40-L50

Filtering should also be handled this way. An input box that onChange triggers an action to the controller/parent component which mutates the content bound to the table either by going to the server or filtering client-side.

aaah ok, blind as a bat I am. thanks again!

Not able to open this link… https://github.com/offirgolan/ember-light-table/blob/master/tests/dummy/app/controllers/table.js#L40-L50 Ember-light-table for client side sorting … I want sorting, filtering and paging in server side in ember 2.8.

Any sample code or add on ??

Thank you