Ember build - .sass to .css compile - entire directory

If this is a repeat question I apologize, I was not able to find anything when I searched. I am trying to find a similar solution to what we had but with ember. I have a directory with sass files, I would like to run ember build and have all .sass files compiled into the css. The solutions I have seen is they get compiled into a single .css file but I need them to remain in their separate files.

Thank you in advance

(in case its not obvious, I am new to ember. Any help would be greatly appreciated)

Since the general best practice is CSS bundles, there’s no easy way for your use case.

Ember CLI lets you configure output path on any compilable resource. For your case, I think you need to add a configuration for each file that you want to output.

See https://ember-cli.com/user-guide/#configuring-output-paths for more details.

To build on what @lightblade mentioned, this is documented in ember-cli-sass: