Ember build system for plain, non-ember libraries?

The Ember build system is so damn nice, everything works. The transpilation works, module imports, unit tests: fantastic. A lot of people don’t realize how difficult it is to create such a system in the chaotic JavaScript world. I attempted to create a similar system for plain library projects but I simply cannot do it.

I am looking for a way to reuse the ember build system ( or something similar,) for library projects, maybe someone already created such a system?

With a library project I mean that

  • the sources should be ES6, structured like Ember directories.
  • the end result is a UMD/AMD/CommonJS module for consumption by ES5.
  • Qunit tests.
  • It would be very nice if part of the Ember object system could be there as well, but not an absolute requirement.
  • The goal is to create NPM packages that can be imported in any other JavaScript project.