New Ember workflow using SystemJS and jspm

Hi there, i recently started a project to experiment on ember workflow using SystemJS as module loader and jspm as package manager. This way, you can write in es6 syntax and test in the browser without any build tools, and move to production with a few lines of code. The workflow is really simple and the SystemJS could load modules in other format as well, so I don’t expect much compatibility issues. The repo is here: You don’t need any knowledge about SystemJS to give it a try, just clone and run :smile:

The project is experimental only and I’m actively looking for feedbacks!! Thanks


just tested and that worked pretty well for me !

discovering jspm by the way and i like it :open_mouth:

thank you for your sharing :slight_smile:

Hey there, I just watched this video on jspm integration with Ember and discovered your post shortly after

Check this:

It is already in the works… so join the effort and let’s make it a reality :wink:

For now, we could perhaps wrap your experiment project as a yeoman generator?