15 EmberJS programmers in St. Johns Newfoundland?

Hello People.

I’m really interested in Ember training for my company.

I know St. Johns is far away of everybody else, but here there is at least one company doing software with EmberJS (the one I’m working on), so it could be actually possible to find another one and more people working with EmberJS.

I was specifically interested in the Corporate Training from the Tilde people, but we are not a big Tech team yet (6 developers), so I need to 9 more people to reach the minimal 15 required from Tilde.

So, if you could help me to contact People interested in EmberJS at St. Jhons, or companies working with it I’ll appreciate it a lot.

Hey @jgomo3, I don’t know anyone there so I can’t help you with your question directly, but you could consider the training resources from EmberMap as an alternative if you’re unable to find more people. I’m unaffiliated for whatever that’s worth.

Ryan and Sam put on a couple trainings at this last EmberConf which I enjoyed a lot. They’re pretty cool dudes, very knowledgeable, and they’ve contributed a lot to the Ember community including ember-cli-mirage which, if you’re unfamiliar, is a super popular testing addon. They also seem to have lots of options for trainings including remote, in-person, and all of their training videos. Again, I’m unaffiliated I just happened to enjoy the trainings from EmberConf and thought maybe they’d be worth a look for you.

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Ey! Thank you! That is a great recommendation. I’ll sure contact them.