Ember.js Training


We need Ember.js training workshop. Can any one please let us know the process? Thanks.

[ http://www.tilde.io/training/] from EmberJS core team

needs updating. I’d be bang up for that otherwise

@Wayne_Douglas—we agreed, assuming you’re talking about the online class. The beta of V2 just went on sale :slight_smile:

There’s a $50 discount until it’s finalized, and purchasers of the online class while in beta get access to V1 and V2.

V1 was a recording from a 3-day in person class, and V2 is a lot more oriented specifically for online learning. It’s still got videos, but a lot more of the content is delivered as a screencast. You can check it out here if you’d like: http://www.tilde.io/events/introduction-to-ember-online/

(Not sure for how long, but the code tilde10 will get you an additional 10% off at least this and next week)