Ember tutorials from zero to expert


Hi, everyone

Wouldn’t be great to get updated online Ember mentorship from experts? (screencasts)

I know this concept already exists sort of…

The idea is to have new comers (or pretty much anyone) pitch in idk… lets say about 5 to 10 dlls each? I mean. have you ever wonder how many thousands of frustrated people are out there willing to pay 10 bucks just to ease up the learning curve?. I’d say a lot, and that would translate to a bunch a of money.

think quantity over price

and probably pay every time that an update is released?

let me know what you think and luckily we can get some experts to put something together.


emberscreencasts is already doing this with both free and paid resources, it’s pretty fantastic already so maybe contact Jeffrey who runs it as he seems like a great guy.


It’s been about 3 weeks since I opted out

I mean he is great and all, but I didn’t really know where to start. it doesn’t seem to have an order and some content seem outdated, but still I picked up I lot of stuff from him


It starts from zero, you won’t be an expert at the end, but could help: www.yoember.com :wink:


Hey! Jeffrey from EmberScreencasts here.

I agree that the short-videos-every-week format isn’t best for starting from scratch, so I’m working on something else- EmberSchool. The sales copy isn’t up yet, but 90% of the course content is.

A word of warning: this course is aimed at people who are serious about starting an Ember career, so it’s priced accordingly. If you’re pursuing Ember more as a weekend side project it probably won’t be worth it, but if you’re wanting to upgrade to an Ember job then it’ll pay for itself quickly.


P.S. Thanks for the kind words about EmberScreencasts- I’m glad that the videos have been helpful!


so far this was the best resource out there thanks!


nice! I’ll totally give it a shot thanks!